At the moment…

…we are fast approaching the business end of the semester. Friends and family have said their goodbyes as I retire to my study for the busy time ahead.

My design project this semester is for 60000 sqm of premium commercial office space in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. We are aiming high for a 5 Star NABERS and 6 Star Greenstar rating. Its an exciting project with a high level of complexity which is quite challenging yet surely rewarding. Its been a great opportunity, and an eye opener, as I have never worked on a high rise building before.

Looking forward to seeing the final result.

Below are my concept diagrams explaining some of the design decisions I have made

Concept evolution

Concept evolution

Concept evolution

Concept evolution

But that’s not all.

Keeping me busy over the university break will be my planned exchange to Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin(TU Berlin) in spring 2010.

I still have plenty to do to to get my application in as well as making use of the break to brush up on my German skills.

tim gibson - berlin picture

A taste of Berlin


media - berlin

…Coming soon

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for final presentations of the Environmental Performance design studios. Should be worth the wait.

Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin(TU Berlin)